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Who we are 

The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine is a learned society representing doctors who practise in Rehabilitation Medicine.  It was formed in 1984 in the name of the Medical Disability Society and is a registered charity (Reg. No.  293196).

What we do 

The Society encourages doctors in all clinical specialties to be involved in education and research into the management of disability.  Membership of the BSRM is open to all registered medical practitioners interested and concerned with its objectives. 

Regrettably the BSRM is unable to provide direct patient support / medical advice.  

President: Dr John P McCann

Honorary Secretary: Dr John Burn 

Treasurer: Professor Mike Barnes

How to contact us:

Initial communication with the BSRM should be made through:  

Sandy Weatherhead, Executive Director


Tel:        +44 (0) 1992 638865

Fax:       +44 (0) 1992 638674 

Post:      BSRM, c/o Royal College of Physicians
             11 St Andrews Place 
              London NW1 4LE


2014 BSRM Annual Meeting

Specialist Nursing Home Care for People with Complex Neurological Disability: Guidance to Best Practice


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